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Guaranteed Income for Yellow Springs and Miami Township Residents

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YS EQUITY, an initiative supported by the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, is launching in Fall 2022 and the first cohort will provide 15 residents of Yellow Springs and Miami Township with $300 each month over a period of 24 months ($7,200 in total per individual). YS EQUITY will be the second guaranteed income program in Ohio and the first documented program in a village in the United States. The goal will be to add 15 more residents in 2023 with a sustainable 30 residents in the following years.

Guaranteed income, also known as basic income, is a social and economic justice approach which provides assistance to families in need with minimal bureaucracy, filling gaps left by existing social safety net programs. GI’s approach is founded on trusting that participants know how to best meet their own needs and are in need of financial assistance in order to meet their own goals. Hence, assistance flows in the most efficient way possible: giving people in need cash that they can use to meet their needs. MORE

Guaranteed Income Application

Are you eligible for applying for YS EQUITY? There are three eligibility requirements:
  1. Residence in Yellow Springs or Miami Township
  2. Age of 18 or older
  3. Annual household earnings below the threshold set by federal guidelines as stated in THIS TABLE

Follow this link to review the application or start the process. If you have questions or need help completing the application, please schedule an appointment by submitting the Contact Us form below, or by calling 937-767-2655.

Frequently Asked Questions

YS EQUITY is a guaranteed income (also known as basic income) pilot in Yellow Springs and Miami Township, launching in the Fall of 2022. YS EQUITY is financially supported by the Yellow Springs Community Foundation and private donors from the YS community.

Guaranteed income is a type of cash transfer program that provides continuous unconditional cash transfers to individuals or households. This differs from typical social safety net policies by providing a steady, predictable stream of cash to recipients to spend however they see fit without limitations.

Guaranteed income policies and their variants, including basic income, citizen dividends, partial basic income, and universal basic income, have minimal or no eligibility requirements. A guaranteed income may or may not meet basic needs.

No evidence suggests that people stop working once they receive payments; research goes back to the 1970s with GI pilots around the world. GI addresses basic needs that working households may experience problems covering, like healthcare and housing, but also supports participants in leading more balanced lives by promoting mental and emotional health.

Support for guaranteed income goes back to the founding of the United States and the writing of Thomas Payne. Since then as diverse a group as Milton Friedman, Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Yang and the Pope have supported GI.

  • World After Capital by Albert Wenger 
  • Raising the Floor by Andy Stern 
  • The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang

Who can participate and how will recipient households be selected?

Residents of the Village of Yellow Springs and Miami Township who are above the age of 18 and earn less than a threshold set by federal guidelines are eligible to be selected. Selection will be via a random lottery, weighted by equity factors, and independently conducted by our partner at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania.

No, one application per household, as defined as individuals residing at the same address. 

Unfortunately, at this time proof of address is required to participate in the lottery. However, YSCF has developed specific resources to support those who are unhoused in Yellow Springs. For more information, contact

Participants will be given $300 each month for 2 years (24 monthly payments of $300 or $7,200 in total)

There are no strings attached or obligations required of participants to receive payments. Participants are required to attend an initial onboarding meeting with YS EQUITY staff in order to receive their payments. All subsequent research and story-telling opportunities are voluntary.

This question can only be answered on a case-by-case basis. Prior to committing to participating, all recipients will be offered benefits’ counseling to decide if participation is best for their specific situation.

The program will not disclose the identities of the participants publicly, however, participants are
free to do so personally if they wish. All press and other inquiries related to the program and its participants must be sent to

No one besides the external research team. A small number of YSCF staff (1-3 individuals) will know the final participants who are selected in order to implement the program.

Participants will have access to program staff with any questions or issues they may encounter. Participants who wish to participate in research or story-telling opportunities will be supported by YS EQUITY staff throughout the process.

Participants will be offered a wide range of learning opportunities, including financial empowerment. Participation will be on a voluntary basis.

A second lottery will be conducted in 2023 to select a second cohort of 15 participants. If you are not selected this year, you will be entered into next year’s lottery. 

YS EQUITY is made possible by private donors and the YSCF. The initial start up costs are also being supported by a Greene County American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant. 

Absolutely! Donate to the Yellow Springs Community Foundation to support YS EQUITY and ensure it continues to support households most in need in our community. A donation of $300 covers payment to one participant for one month; $3,600 covers 12 months; and $7,200 covers the full 24 month cycle. A donation of $72,900 to the YS EQUITY endowment covers payments for one participant, in perpetuity.

All feedback and questions can be sent via email to


Guaranteed income is a growing and vibrant field of research, practice, and constant innovation. To learn more about this world of work, here are some of the leading institutes studying and practicing guaranteed income:

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED)

HudsonUP(Currently the guaranteed income pilot closest to the size of Yellow Springs)

Economic Security Project

Guaranteed Income Community of Practice

Center for Guaranteed Income Research

Stanford Basic Income Lab


YS EQUITY actively works to promote and protect the diversity, equity and inclusion that is critical to the identity of Yellow Springs. This is a community-developed, community-led, and community-driven initiative. This means we need your support to ensure YS EQUITY meets our community’s needs, now and in the future.

Any contribution is welcome, but please consider making a promise to commit support to YS EQUITY over time. This will allow us to build the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund to ensure YS EQUITY runs in perpetuity, resulting in the only guaranteed income initiative in the country supported by a community foundation endowment. This means:

  • Monthly Support: A donation of $330 covers payment to one participant for one month
  • Annual Support: A donation of $3,960 covers payments to one participant for one year
  • Two Year Support: A donation of $7,920 covers payments to one participant for two years (one full cycle of participation)
  • In Perpetuity Support: A donation of $100,000 covers payments in perpetuity to one of the 30 participants at any given time

Make your promise to support YS Equity as an organization, family or community group.  Together, we can do more!

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